Determining If You Need Heavy-Duty Industrial Shredders

There are different types of shredders that you can use to do a range of shredding activities. Nevertheless, the main purpose of these heavy-duty machines is to destroy whatever sensitive documents you have for the reason that you want to protect your privacy. To know if you will be needing heavy-duty industrial shredders, there are a few things that you need to consider. At the same time, there are a couple of basic questions that you need to ask yourself so you know which type of shredder you will be getting.

First, you have to determine how sensitive the documents you will be shredding. If the documents that you need to shred are more sensitive, then you need a smaller shredder to get the job done. If you must dispose of highly confidential personal information, then you should get a shredder with at least a security level of 3. For confidential corporation information that needs shredding, you need to get a shredder with a level 4 minimum rating. For government offices, a level 6 shredder is a must. This is the highest level of security that you can get from these shredders. Also, you will be getting the smallest shred from them. Also, in terms of security, you get more security from cross-cut shredders in comparison to strip-cut shredders. You have to take careful note of this fact. If you will only be using these shredders for home use, a small cross-cut shredder will suffice and give you more than enough level of security that you need.

Second, you have to assess how often you will be using your shredder. Heavy-duty industrial shredders are best used for shredding large volumes because usually, they need to be run regularly. These heavy-duty shredders are also highly capable of dealing with five to sixty sheets of materials at once. If you only need a shredder for lighter use like for general office use, then going with a machine that can handle up to a maximum of thirty sheets at a time is more than enough. If you have more shedding requirements, going with a heavy-duty industrial shredder that can shed up to 450 sheets at once will be your best option. The machine may have to compress the shreds in the form of a ball to dispose of them easily and quickly.

Third, you have to determine what types of materials or things you need to shred. Do you want to shred debit or credit cards, thick glossy papers, or security passes? Ensure that whichever type of shredder you choose, you have to go with one that can handle the kind of material that you need to shred. If you will be shredding all sorts of materials, then you have to choose a shredder that can shred an array of materials. Heavy-duty industrial shredders are often capable of shredding thicker and larger paper. Just be sure to check. If you intend to destroy thick documents that are akin to the size of phone books, then you have to go with a heavy-duty industrial shredder that can handle such demands.

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